In this page, we will provide you with all the information related to Epson scanners and installing the latest Epson scanner drivers.

What are Epson Scanner drivers?

Epson Scanner drivers are tiny programs that allow your Scanner hardware to communicate with your operating system software. This is because it is your computer that controls the scanner.

Note: Always keep updated Epson Scanner software to prevent crashes and increase hardware and system performance. By using out dated or corrupt Epson Scanner drivers you will experience system errors, crashes, or other issues. And if by chance a wrong Epson driver is installed your problems might get worsened.

I am facing problem to install my device driver manually. What should I do?

If you are using the product the first time or if you are inexperienced with updating Epson device drivers manually, we highly recommend downloading the “Epson Scanner Driver Utility”. With the help of this tool, you can download and update the correct Epson Scanner driver versions automatically, hence protecting you against installing the wrong Scanner drivers.

a Driver Update tool

What is a Driver Update tool?

As mentioned above if you are inexperienced in hardware issues and in the installation of drivers then, manual downloading of drivers can be risky and time wasting process for you. Installation of wrong scanner drivers can lead to many technical issues and problems. Therefore a driver update tool avoids the hassle of downloading wrong scanner drivers or drivers manually.

Driver Easy

Driver Easy is a driver update tool available online.

Once installed, you can use it to scan your computer so that it can detect all problem drivers. In case if the Epson scanner driver is missing or wrongly installed or out dated, this tool will detect it and find a new driver for you by providing you official Epson driver. With Driver Easy, also enables you to update drivers for your Epson scanner in several minutes hence saving your time.

Is Driver Easy free?

Driver Easy tool is available in two versions:

Free Version- You can use the Free Version to download new drivers, but for this, you have to first download the driver files and use them to install the drivers manually step by step. The download speed for this version is limited.

Paid Version-If you want to save more time then Paid Version is a better option for you Apart from saving time, the benefit of the Paid version is that all drivers will be updated automatically and you can enjoy free support services always. This means by using his version if you come across any technical problem, you can contact for further assistance. The paid version offers a 30-day money back guarantee and your full money will be refunded within the guarantee period.

I have Windows 10 OS installed on my computer. How should I update my Epson scanner drivers for this OS?

After the launch of Windows 10 OS since 29th July, 2015, Epson has been committed to supporting Windows 10.

Recommendation: If you want to update the drivers for your product then go the official website of Epson to download the drivers free of charge.

Note: Epson being the world’s largest manufacturer of printers and is also manufacturing many devices with diverse models which are sold in different regions of the world, therefore, you have to download drivers from the local website depending on your region.

You can take the help of following steps that will guide you to download official Epson scanner drivers for Windows 10.

  1. Launch the Web Browser like Internet Explorer from your Windows 10 computer and go to Epson official website depending on your location. For example, you will type this URL for USA:
  2. Select your region and this will open the home page of your local website. For example, you can select the USA if this is your region.
  3. Epson enables you to download the drivers from SUPPORT page that is found on all Epson websites. On this page select the Scanner from the Support menu.
  4. Now you will get on-screen instructions, follow them stepwise to download the drivers for your Epson scanner.

Note: To download the right drivers, you are required to use your scanner model name and the operating system with the following specifications:

  • Windows 10 32-bit
  • Windows 10 64-bit

I have Windows 10 installed on my computer but still cannot find drivers for my scanner. Help!

This problem occurs to users who have older scanner products, for which Epson may not provide Windows 10 drivers. In this scenario, you can use a compatible driver for a previous operating system instead. For example, Windows 7 in place of Windows 10 as Drivers for Windows 7 and Windows 8 may be compatible with Windows 10.

Epson scanner software

What is Epson scanner software?

Epson scanners use software that is helpful for projecting excellent prints and film images. Epson printers are powered by Epson scan software allowing the user to have full control of their scanner or printer. You can download Epson scanner software free of cost from the Epson website. Epson scanner is compatible with most Windows Operating Systems from Windows XP up to Windows10. The scanner utility program provides your Windows PC access to control your scanner device. Due to the presence of much other scanner software in the market, there are several advantages and disadvantages concerning this scanner software.

The main features of Epson Scanner software are mentioned below:

  1. This software supports all the latest Epson photo scanners.
  2. It has the capability to process scanned images and objects to a maximum of 12.2×17.2 inches; this enables batch scanning of up to 30 slides simultaneously.
  3. This software ensures efficiency and quality of the scanned image as it allows latest technology and drivers.
  4. Scanner module and transparency module for transparent clear images
  5. The software comes with easy to use GUI (graphic user interface) enabling novice or beginner users to access scanning features.

The software has two major film software options with the

  • Epson Scan 2 and the
  • Dedicated Laser soft silver fast software


  •  Excellent selection and scanning of images
  • Very good image quality as the Epson scan controls two lenses, the first camera gives   a pre-focused image
  • Download is free
  • Easy to use graphic user interface.
  • Allow the users to scan up to files of 35mm of depth, medium formatted and extra larger patterns.


  • No inbuilt film profile
  • Fewer features compared to VueScan and Silverfast

Why should I buy Epson Scan?

Epson provides the scanner software that is one of the best and can be used with the majority of their printers and scanners. It has cool user interface making it easy to use for the beginners. You can also modify it according to your settings. You can also use Epson scan across several computer networks. For this, you will be required to have “Epson scan for business” beforehand and then you can use it across a network of servers and networking. Lastly, it can be easily downloaded from Epson Official Website.

Concluding Remarks: Epson scanner software for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 is free to download, which means you can get all the drivers and executable devices for free of cost. The only limitation is that this software works only on Epson products.


I upgraded to Windows 10 and after this, my Epson scanner no longer works. How can I resolve this issue?

Many users have reported this issue who have upgraded their OS to Windows 10. So don’t worry you are not alone. You can fix the problem by following the instructions below:

Note: before you begin, you must verify that Epson Scan is not set to Compatibility Mode as this generally happens after you upgrade your system to Windows 10.

  • Find the Epson scan icon, usually placed on the desktop, Right Click it, then click Properties.
  • Go to the Compatibility If the checkbox next to Run this program is in compatibility mode, uncheck it. Then click the OK button.
  • Press the Windows logo key on your keyboard and R key simultaneously to invoke the Run box.
  • Now type MSC and click the OK button to open the Services window:
  • Right-click Windows Image Acquisition (WIA), then click Properties.
  • Set the Start-up type to Automatic and the Service status to Running, then click Apply and then click OK.
  • Check to see if your scanner works

Or the alternate solution will be to Update Scanner Drivers

The need to update scanner driver arises as it might have been removed after upgrading to Windows 10. Another reason could be that the installed drivers may be not compatible with Windows 10. So to resolve the problem, you can try to update the scanner drivers.

There are two methods by which you can get the right Epson scanner drivers:

Manual driver update: this is done manually by going to the official Epson website as mentioned in the preceding text. Make sure to choose the only driver that is compatible with your variant of Windows 10.

Automatic driver update – If you don’t have time, patience, or computer skills to update drivers manually, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy. The complete detail of which is explained above.

Can my Epson L220 product perform multiple copy function?

Epson L220 can be used as a standalone colour photocopier with an output of single copy at a time. You need your computer to perform the function of multiple copies because without your computer you cannot perform multiple copy function. If you have Windows in your computer then by using your Epson All-In-One you can print and scan, and as an alternative, you can use the EPSON Copy Utility software to make multiple copies via your computer.

What is Epson Copy Utility?

Epson Copy Utility is a software program allowing you to easily create multiple copies via your computer. This software comes in the Epson software bundle found on the CD-ROM provided with your product during your purchase. You can also download it from the Epson Support website.

How can I make multiple copies using EPSON Copy Utility?

To answer the above query we will take an example of DX4400, the process will be similar for other products that use Copy Utility.

Follow the following guidelines to make multiple copies using this software program:

  • Open the EPSON Creativity Suite in the Programs list on your computer. Now open EPSON Copy Utility. Another way of accessing Copy Utility is via EPSON File Manager.
  • If your Operating System is Windows then following the steps mentioned below for further procedure:
  • Open the Start menu.
  • Click on All Programs.
  • Locate and click on EPSON Creativity Suite.
  • Click on EPSON Copy Utility.
  • Select your scanner or All-In-One from the drop-down menus under Scanner, and the printer name under Printer. (For example, if my model is DX4400 then I will select this, but you should select your scanner or All-In-One model instead.) A screenshot is shown below for your reference
  • On the bottom right, select the number of copies required by clicking on the up and down arrows present beside the Copies number box.
  • Click on the upward arrow button to increase, or the down arrow button to decrease the Number of Copies as shown below in the magnified image of the screenshot.
  • Select the type of document/media you will copy under Select Source Type.
  • Select the paper type under Output Paper. The options available vary depending on the selected Source Type.
  • Specify the Copy Size.
  • Click Copy. The scanner will scan the document bed and print the copy.

If you wish to Preview the scan before final command then a 'Custom Copy' option is also available. This option allows the scanner to scan the document bed and open it in a preview window.